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United Stations team up with Johnnie Walker for a Kaya FM first

In our constant push for success, we miss out on something truly crucial. The enjoyment in the progress we are making.
United Stations team up with Johnnie Walker for a Kaya FM first
Johnnie Walker believes that progress is not something to be endured, it is something to be enjoyed. If you walk with joy, you will walk further.

Johnnie Walker inspires personal keep walking and enjoy the walk.

With this in mind, United Stations Cape Town have teamed up with MEC Notabene Cape Town, King James and Brandhouse to create an inspiring and entertaining campaign set to take place on one of Gauteng's hottest radio stations, Kaya FM.

For the first time, Kaya FM will host a 30-minute show dedicated to Johnnie Walker. The show is set to take place every Tuesday at 9pm.

Each show will include a compelling interview with various well-known South African "Striders", local success stories of joyful progress from a range of relevant sectors: sports, technology, business, arts, music, entertainment and culture. The show will consist of an in-depth interview with the "Joymaker" on his/her progress story, broken up by regular inserts and live in studio performances.

"We're always looking at doing something different, a stand out from the norm. The United Stations Cape Town team have worked closely with King James in creating something that is not only different and a first for Kaya FM, but something that truly engages with and inspires audiences. We have integrated on-air elements with a strong digital and social media campaign for Johnnie Walker and we are pretty excited about what we've created!" says Tim Partner, Accounts Executive at United Stations Cape Town.

"We felt the real benefit of living with joy while working on this campaign. Thanks to the Johnnie Walker team for buying into our vision of a fully-integrated content segment and to Kaya FM, for the willingness to consider something that was out of the ordinary," says Antoinette van der Plas at MEC Notabene Cape Town.

9 Nov 2015 10:57