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At the Graft Yard, our mission is to create a space where you as our members feel free to be your best in an open networking environment. Where your ideas, work ethics and purpose come to life. A space to inspire you. #whereyoubelong
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Starting a business? Which startup hat should you wear? Here are eight...Starting a business? Be prepared to wear different hats and play various roles in the beginning of this beautiful journey, called entrepreneurship. 6 Oct 2017 Read more

In your business, the reason you started it in the first place is possibly the single best sales tool in your entire arsenal of selling strategies. Take time, at the outset to figure what your “why” is. This will not only keep you focused but create an inflection point for your customers. Let's delve a bit deeper into this concept of your why, and why it matters. 3 Aug 2017 Read more

Around the world and certainly our city, there are shared places springing up that offer the ability to rent a desk or an office at a nominal rate which bridges the gap between a full-blown office park and working from home. But why this trend of shared work space which is redesigning the places people work in? Why are they so fashionable? 4 Jul 2017 Read more

Stay inspired they say - Be grateful they say - It's easy they say. Being inspired is easy I agree. Staying inspired is the tricky part. For anything on this journey called LIFE, consistency of that thing is the hardest part. 22 Apr 2017 Read more

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