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Immortality: Science fiction or science fact?No matter how healthy your diets of kale and vegan protein powder are, or how much you exercise, the end is always inevitable. Nobody lives forever... or so the saying would have you believe. Researchers at the University of California, Berkley, have recently taken high-quality images of the illusive telomerase, the protective 'caps' you find on the end of eukaryotic chromosomes. Have I lost you yet? Well, take my hand, we'll skip through this hedge maze of confusing terminology together and discover what makes this so astounding. 15 May 2018 Read more

Virtual assistants to replace smartphones?The age of AI-driven virtual assistant is upon us. Advancements in artificial intelligence have given rise to virtual assistants that respond to commands such as turning off lights and making online purchases. A virtual assistant (VR), which is also known as an AI assistant and digital assistant, is an application program that understands natural voice commands and responds in an appropriate manner. Virtual assistants are normally cloud-based programs and require internet-connected devices and applications for effective functioning. Microsoft's Cortana, Apple's Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Home have become commonplace worldwide. And Alexa and Google Assistant provide access to content in sync with personal choices. 15 May 2018 Read more

TrackMySubs helps users save money in the subscription economyThe average user of TrackMySubs has 13.6 subscriptions, with 6.5 of them being monthly costs of £54.20 each. You could have bought an international return flight. But because you didn't keep track of your expenditure, you didn't. 9 Mar 2018 Read more

Lessons from the world's best education systemsEducation is undoubtedly one of the surest ways to improve the future. With higher levels of knowledge and critical thinking skill amongst children come greater opportunities for development across all societies. It doesn't matter if you're writing a literature review, aspiring to work for a new company or pursuing just about any goal; it's necessary to have some standard of quality education. 7 Mar 2018 Read more

Is higher education becoming too expensive?Despite universal agreement that education ought to be a basic human right available to all people regardless of socioeconomic status, race, age or any other irrelevant category, higher education in the developed world is quickly becoming a private pursuit rather than public good due to rising costs. 1 Mar 2018 Read more

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