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Gwen Watkins - freelance writer, editor, subeditor and author with 35 years international experience in industrial journalism offers her Master NLP Practitioner skills to aid brand communication and native advertising.
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Gwen WatkinsMany people prefer to process their information visually (V) and therefore think of the world in terms of visual references or pictures. Auditory (A) and kinaesthetic (K) people think primarily in sounds and feelings, but you want all of them to read and react to any content you may put out. 18 Jan 2018 Read more

Gwen WatkinsIn a world of content writing, social media and e-news, the temptation to place all one's confidence in the new marketing credo is overwhelming. After all, with a thousand new 'likes' and happy faces, everyone wants you. 6 Nov 2017 Read more

Gwen WatkinsEffective headlines captivate audiences, essential as attention span is now around 15 secs (think billboard). Media websites want click-through, print media want purchasers - all depend on great headlines. 12 Sep 2017 Read more

Gwen WatkinsThe possessive apostrophe is one of the most misused pieces of punctuation, cropping up everywhere, except where it should be. The most common one seen everywhere is T's and C's apply. As this is supposed to be an abbreviation of 'terms and conditions apply' - then the apostrophe is clearly wrong because the term and condition do not have anything belonging to them, they are plurals, therefore they do not need a possessive apostrophe. 29 Jun 2017 Read more

Gwen WatkinsAs a baby boomer, I am predisposed towards dealing with fellow baby boomers but even more so with other women baby boomers in management and top positions. The reason is simple; we have a no-nonsense response to life, work and effort, having had to carve our own path without much encouragement from the world. 12 May 2017 Read more

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