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The value of open, collaborative business ecosystemsIn the era of innovation and connectivity the idea of an economy built from autonomous industries attending to their own clients with their own suppliers is fast becoming outdated. More and more, savvy organisations understand that operating in isolation is no longer viable, and that by partnering across, or indeed within industries, higher e?ciencies, cost reductions and improved customer service can be achieved. 18 Apr 2018 Read more

How blockchain technology can transform global supply chains and logisticsAs part of our 2017 supplychainforesight study, we are actively exploring and identifying the key technology trends that are shaping global supply chains. By understanding major trends, as well as their inherent risks and opportunities, leaders and decision-makers within the supply chain sphere can immediately begin to integrate and harness key platforms. Notably, blockchain technology is fast emerging as one of the most transformative trends - and one that can redefine and reshape many of the existing systems and processes within logistics. 18 Jul 2017 Read more

How 3D printing is transforming global supply chainsAs part of its 2017 supplychainforesight report, Barloworld Logistics investigated and identified the key technology tools and platforms that are shaping the world's supply chains. With highly disruptive forces now coming into play in the corporate sphere, it is essential that leaders and decision-makers plan for the close integration of certain technology tools and trends. Chief among the trends to emerge this year were 3D printing and its extension, ‘factory-in-a-box'-style production. 4 Jul 2017 Read more

Maintaining product integrity with smart temperature-controlled solutionsWithin the vast field of logistics and supply chain management, perishable food products make up a large and important part of the country's supply chain. It is critical, within this sphere of supply chain management, to ensure that effective and specialised temperature-controlled solutions are in place. 14 Jun 2017 Read more

Harnessing digital innovation to enable smart supply chainsAcross every sphere of business and manufacturing, new digital tools, systems and platforms are upending traditional strategies and approaches. Fuelled by powerful software systems and smart apps, the digital era is forcing business leaders to adapt and embrace more agile ways of operating. Within global supply chains, digitisation is already disrupting businesses. To identify where and how this impact is being felt, Barloworld Logistics explored two specific digital trends as part of its 2017 supply chain foresight report, namely big data and online marketplaces. 31 May 2017 Read more

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